COVID-19 Protocols and Resources

Published June 25, 2020. Updated August 16, 2022.

As vaccination and infection rates continue to fluctuate in Jefferson County, Oldham County, and surrounding areas, Francis Parker is closely monitoring guidance issued by the CDC, our Governor, the Kentucky Department of Education, and the Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness Department. Our priority in making decisions about protocols related to protection against transmission of COVID-19 is the safety of our students, and the Francis Parker community as a whole.

Protocols outlined on this page are subject to change based on most current guidelines and mandates issued by the Governor and public health officials.

We ask all members of the Francis Parker community to consider vaccination. For more information about getting vaccinated, please click here.

Masking Protocols

As we enter the fourth school year in which COVID-19 is a factor, we have made the decision to begin the year mask-optional, which will take effect Tuesday, August 9, 2022. This decision was made with great care, a great deal of thought, and by taking many factors into account. Masks will continue to be a tool for those who want additional protection from COVID-19. However, since we are no longer in the emergency response phase of the pandemic, we believe that we are at the point where masking at school should be an individual/family choice (unless someone has been exposed or tested positive, in which case our COVID-19 policies for masking after a positive case or exposure apply). 

Factors we considered in making this decision to begin the year mask-optional:

  • The Francis Parker School of Louisville community has a very high vaccination rate. 
  • Every faculty/staff member is up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines. 
  • The majority of our students are also up to date on their vaccines, and we continue to strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated and, when applicable, boosted. 
  • Both campuses have air circulation systems that dispense bi-polar ions throughout the buildings to eliminate viruses in the air.  
  • From our preschoolers to our high schoolers, there are real academic, social, and emotional impacts to full-time mask-wearing at school.
  • Our faculty and staff provided their input and a strong majority prefers mask-optional for the benefit of teaching and learning. 

Masks continue to be an important tool and we encourage faculty/staff and students who wish to wear one to do so. As always, those exposed to or recovering from COVID-19 will be required to mask for a number of days as specified on our COVID-19 Decision Tree. As a reminder, please fill out this form in the case of a positive case or exposure. 

Per Kentucky public health guidelines for students who are wearing masks, the definition of exposure is closer than three (3) feet for more than 15 minutes to someone who has tested positive, within 48 hours of the onset of that person’s symptoms or positive test. In non-school situations, exposure is defined by the CDC as being within six (6) feet for more than 15 minutes, without regard to masking. 

Keeping Our Community Safe 

The guidance recently issued by the CDC recommends “layering” of multiple safety protocols as best practice to keep a community safe. Our layers include:

  • Continued use of the bi-polar ionization system
  • Daily after-school cleaning/disinfecting
  • High rates of vaccination in the Francis Parker community for those eligible
  • Anyone with case-determinant COVID-19 symptoms (listed in the blue box on our COVID-19 Decision Tree) must stay home and consult the Decision Tree and follow protocols based on your and/or your child(ren)’s vaccination status, particularly with regard to respiratory symptoms
  • Continued contact tracing when indicated
  • Continued monitoring of community spread and continued use of current CDC/KDE/Governor’s guidance in decision-making

Please visit this page frequently for updates on changes and additions to our protocols to keep students, as well as faculty and staff, safe.

COVID-19 Decision Tree

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